A Familiar, Sad Tale

Hi all,

I’m a Colorado physician (pediatrician – work with kids), and have been concerned with how to get out of the medical waste disposal contract my group has with a familiar mega medical waste company. Shame on me — I didn’t read the fine print (well, there were a few pages of them and I guess we were all “too busy” at the time) but, now I know a lot more about automatically renewing contracts. Here is some of what I’ve learned the painful way.

Basically, you have a month or two every two or three years, to get out of this type of contract, or else it automatically renews for another two or three years, — and even more surprising, the “notification period” isn’t even the last month or two of the contract. It’s usually at least a couple of months before the contract ends, so by the time you would think the contract is coming up for renewal, it has already automatically renewed for another period of time, even though you didn’t want it to!! Nasty, huh!! It basically shuts the competition out.

So, even if you aren’t now in the window of time when you can officially tell your current Denver medical waste management company goodbye, you can put stickers all over your computer with the date when you can do this, and let Tamarac Medical Waste keep track on their calendar when you need to notify your current provider NOT to automatically renew you. For our practice, this is going to save us over a thousand dollars a year when we get out of this contract.

Good luck to all of the dentists and doctors out there in and around Denver, Colorado who are under similar automatically renewing contracts – I know your frustration; but, with a little advance planning, you too can get out from under your long-term contract.

Richard, MD