Are you a Medical Waste Generator?

According to Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Compliance Bulletin Solid Waste, “a medical waste generator is a person whose act or process produces medical waste. When used in this context, “person” includes an individual, partnership, private or municipal corporation, firm, board of metropolitan district or other sanitation district, or other association of persons. Medical waste generators include hospitals, clinics (such as medical, dental, and veterinary), surgery centers, dialysis centers, blood banks, long term care facilities, hospices, funeral homes, laboratories (such as clinical, diagnostic, pathological, veterinary, and biomedical research), pharmacies, body art establishments, acupuncture facilities, trauma scene cleanup sites, facilities holding shot clinics or health fairs, and pet shops. Although the majority of medical waste is generated at health care facilities, wastes meeting one or more of the medical waste category descriptions can be generated at other types of facilities. “Facility” is used in a broad context and does not necessarily mean that these wastes are generated in a hospital or clinic.

As a medical waste generator you are responsible for the proper management and disposal of medical waste that is generated at your facility. You must identify the types and categories of medical waste, where in your facility medical waste is generated, properly contain, label, store, and package medical waste, and ensure that medical waste is properly treated and disposed. You must also determine if the waste is subject to other regulatory requirements. This information must be included in your on-site medical waste management plan.”

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